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Strain Gauge Series

YT-500D Vibrating Wire Ultra-large-range Surface Strain Gauge

Date:2019-4-29 14:07:08    

- Introduction

YT-500D vibrating wire ultra-large-range surface strain Gauge is suitable for welding to the surface of various steel structures, such as steel pipes, tunnel supports, piles and bridges, etc., to monitor stress and strain. YT-500D Ultra-large-range Surface Strain Gauge has a larger straining range than regular strain gauges.

- Main Specifications


12, 15, 20

Standard Range

120mm, 150mm, 200mm

Measuring Range

Pull:2000με    Press:2000με


≤0.02% FS


≤0.5% FS

Working Temp


Temp. Measure Range

-40°C~+80°C (Need to install temperature sensor)

Temp. Measure Accuracy

±0.5°C (Need to install temperature sensor)

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