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YT-500F Vibration Wire Concrete Stress Meter

Date:2019-4-29 14:06:16    

- Introduction

YT-500F vibrating wire concrete stress meter is used for embedding in concrete structures such as concrete dams, bridges, docks, etc. or other large-volume concrete buildings, measuring the internal stress of concrete for a long time, YT-500F can also measure the buried point temperature with thermistor.

- Main Specifications



Measuring Range


≤0.04% FS


≤0.5% FS

Working Temp


Temp. Measure Range

-40°C~+80°C (Need to install temperature sensor)

Temp. Measure Accuracy

±0.5°C (Need to install temperature sensor)


Induction Part200mm×200mm, Sensor SectionΦ30mm×138mm

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